Understanding shooting modes of your camera

Photography has become a passion for many people, they do not indulge in it as a mere hobby. Many people who invest in DSLR camera are often not sure on how to use DSLR cam! There are many shooting modes on your camera. Here is a brief on various shooting modes; This is our buying guide for your beautiful DSLR camera! 🙂

Understanding shooting modes

The shooting modes will be on the dial labeled with Auto, TV, AV, P, and M. There may be more shooting modes top Canon DSLR cameras on the market and top Nikon DSLR cameras in the market. The shooting mode will help you assess the quality of photos, the camera shooting mode will be will determine how the camera behaves. The auto mode selection will determine the shutter speed and aperture by itself. The other modes that are suitable for beginners are AV, TV, P, M; these give you ample control over the way you shoot. The abbreviations may be different, many camera manufacturers use different modes.

Aperture Priority (AV)

This shooting mode can be understood as semi-automatic shooting mode. The shutter speed will be determined by the camera itself under this mode; however, you will be required to adjust the aperture. Aperture refers to the size of the opening of the lens; this size determines the amount of light that is allowed to pass when the shutter is opened. If you need more light then the aperture should be opened wide enough for more light to pass. If it is an extremely bright day, then you can set the aperture at minimal levels. The aperture is typically measured using f-stops. Examples of aperture are f/2.0, f/2.8, f/4, f, 8 etc.; this is the ratio of focal length on the diameter of the opening. Thus, if you choose f/2.0, the aperture opening will be large and f/8 will have minimal light getting in through the lens. Aperture is the most critical aspect of photography; light influences the image quality and enables you to get the right focus on the image.

Shutter priority TV or S

This is another semi-automatic mode of using the camera. Here the shutter speed is measured in seconds. This is measured in fractions of a second, the longer you let the shutter stay open, and the more light passes through the sensor. If you want to capture something in fast motion, then you need to use a short shutter speed. Photographers, who intend to capture sporting events, wildlife, birds etc., will use this mode.

Program (P)

This is in between the manual and semi automatic mode of control. In the program mode, you will set the shutter speed; the other aspect will adjust accordingly. Alternatively, you can set the aperture and the shutter speed will be adjusted accordingly. This offers the freedom of choosing which one you intend to adjust – aperture or shutter speed without oscillating between the aperture and shutter priority mode.

Before you choose to buy a DSLR camera remember that Canon and Nikon are the best known names in the industry. Can Nikon D750 compare to Canon DSLR review? Most definitely, yes! Use one of the internet sources to compare features to choose the right camera.