Comparison of Some Of The Best 3D Printing Devices

There are almost 1000 different 3D printer models available that you can choose from when you wish to purchase your next 3D printer. But the question as there are so many options, which one should you go for.

After analyzing many reviews of verified 3D printer owners, 3D printing experiences, and also the printing results of these printers, we have created a guide of some of the top 3D Printing devices.

Here is the comparison of the two best 3D printers for your reference.

3D Printers Comparison [HERE]

Ultimaker 2+

Ultimaker having launched eponymous Original 3D printer in 2011 made them have a good name for them.

* The Ultimaker 2+ is considered to be of highest 9.1 rating amongst its customers. It is also one of the most solid, all-around 3D printers available today.

* They have taken their customer feedbacks very seriously and tried to fix all the known issues of Ultimaker 2 by bringing it to Ultimaker 2+ and making this upgrade available for Ultimaker 2 customers as well.

* This printer comes in a white box design, where the front is open and well lit while the sides are semi-translucent.

* The Ultimaker 2+ is much better than the 2 since it has the new PT100 printhead. The heater cartridge is upgraded and there is possibility of using nozzles of different sizes. It is because of this that the 0.8mm nozzle can go up to the speed volume of up to 24mm³/s.

* Its fan is also optimized for the better and it now provides better air circulation and more cooling. Ultimaker holds on to the nature of the printer by offering Ultimaker 2 owners a superb shift for converting their Ultimaker 2 into an Ultimaker 2+.

* With all these amazing features the price of the Ultimaker 2+ is also a bit on the higher side. The cost of this printer will come to $2,499 precisely. However, even with this high price, most of its reviewers say that they will surely recommend this 3D printer to others be it a beginner or a seasoned user.

Form 2

Formlabs is known to be one of the best and most successful manufacturer of resin-based desktop 3D printers. Along with their Form 2 SLA 3D printer, they have definitely taken their consumers preference this year.

* Formlabs has come up with its ever popular metal base design with an enclosure in the classic orange color. With its new size of 145mm × 175mm × 175mm it is 40% larger build volume than the Form 1+.

* This new printer also comes with a sliding peel mechanism which softly removes the object from the print bed so that the next print layer can come in. During this process, a self heating resin tank warms the resin to a consistent temperature. This process ensures that the printing is reliable and it also ensures the required quality without any change in the speed.

* In this printer, the automatic resin system refills the tank when the resin level is low.

* Now the Form 2 also has new connectivity options including Ethernet and Wi-Fi. It also has a touch screen interface to enable you to do your printing work or managing your printing in the queue.

* As per most of its customers, the Form 2 has scored very well for its print quality, build quality and precision. And some of its customers have even said that they can see 99% success rate in terms of its printing and for functional or models it gives good high resolution parts.

* Even though it is a well received high resolution printer, and 96% of its customers recommend it highly as the best value 3d printer, it also comes for a high cost of $3499. But then one has to definitely consider its reliability and precision in comparison to other cheaper ones in the market.

Whichever printer you end up buying, you need to also check on which 3d filaments to buy. So, please do a bit of research on that as well before you go for your printing job.