All You Ever Wanted To Know About Tactical Knives

Tactical knives are often called as fighting knives. They are designed for combat or self-defence. The blades are designed to inflict injury which can be pretty severe. The grip is given a matte finish texture which will enable a powerful strike every time. Military forces are known to use tactical knives which may come in handy, if they are caught without necessary weapons across borders. In today’s urban life, nobody is safe. Hence, many individuals carry tactical knives, especially if they are travelling alone at odd hours. The knife’s blade is designed to inflict an injury so sharp and powerful, that it gives you enough time to move away from the dangerous situation.


It is also known as a fighting utility knife. This can be used for other purposes too such as opening cans, cooking, hunting etc., Tactical knives are also pocket knives, the evaluation of these knives is based on their ability to perform, be concealed and their carrying weight.

Many companies claim to offer the best tactical pocket knife, it is in our best interest to assess them on their performance and choose. You need to first assess your own requirement and choose based on the same. Also, buying a tactical knife is an expensive affair, one has to conduct enough research before investing in one. Here, we review two very powerful tactical knives – tactical Knife bk2 sheath and spydercogaylebradley knife. Both these command a fair amount of market share and reputation.

BK2 knife

Bk2 knife comes from the ka-bar manufacturer, yet another popular name in this space. Bk2 is a straight knife, there is a bk2 sheath which is made of hard nylon which is used for concealment of the knife when not in use. The bk2 knife’s blade is designed by the well known Ethan Bradley. Like most other knives it is manufactured in the USA. They are designed for the tough life outdoors, but may come in handy even for physical combat. It is light to carry, the grip is great and feels natural in ones hands.

Spydercogaylebradley knife

Spydercogaylebradley knife comes from the well knownSpyderco manufacturer. Their blades are very powerful and have the crucible steel CPM M4 finish. This lends an even steel grain structure. This is a foldable model, thereby enhancing the concealment feature a tad further. The design and structure of the knife is enabled for everyday carrying. It is considered one among the best tactical pocket knives in the market. The blades of spyderco gayle bradley knife is handmade. The blades are specially designed and overseen by Gayle Bradley. He started off as a modest Texan who has now become a name to reckon in the tactical knife business. The knife is has straight blades and has a very sleek appearance. This particular model comes with a swedge in the core of the knife. This makes it a very lightweight knife, thus enabling one to carry it around everyday.

Hope this helps you choose the right tactical pocket knife!