Choosing Kids ATVs and DIRT BIKES

Lucky are the kids of the recent generation- look at the range of toys and ride-ons designed for kids. Skilfully crafted, innovatively designed and true to the original scaled down versions of automobile ride-ons are popular in the market. Even better than the cars and bikes for them to ride, are the ATVs and DIRT BIKES available. Great controls, stunning designs, they are just miniature versions of the original ATVs and dirt bikes but with lower speed limits and better safety features keeping the kids in mind.

Raw design explicitly displaying the sheer magnanimity of automobile engineering and design make the dune buggies so special. Have you seen the Dune buggy – RAZOR (HQ)? It is a classic! Perfectly blended vintage and contemporary styling, heavy duty steel construction, low ground profile for added safety and balance, all make this a clear winner. Designed for kids over 8 years of age, it come with a variable speed motor which is chain driven. The acceleration can be controlled with a thumb trigger. The hand operated disc brakes are quick and efficient. There is a rear suspension to deliver smoother ride.

Talking about dirt bikes which offer more thrill rides, for those over 16 years, Razor company makes MX650! It comes with a 650W powerful motor charged by the 36V rechargeable battery system which delivers uninterrupted performance up to 40 minutes after a full charge. The twin disc brakes are hand operated and the acceleration control is a smooth twist grip control. The dual suspension design offers smooth riding experience on rough tracks. Both for off-road rugged tracks and for uphill rides, the bike offers better power making it easy for the rider to push his limits.

So if you are considering an ATV ideally for a younger kid, low price Razor for Dune Buggy E racer (electric racer) would be a better choice. And the MX650 would be ideal for the older kdis who are looking for some adrenaline rush on the tract. When you buy ATVs or dirt bikes, always consider the physique, the height and frame size of your kid rather than blindly just going by the age recommendations provided. This would make sure that you get one which your kid can actually conveniently handle.

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